RE-conciliations / Mladen Miljanović / Historical Museum of BiH / Sarajevo / Bosnia and Herzegovina / 27.06.2018.


Artists: Lana Čmajčanin i Adela Jušić, Milena Michalski, Mladen Miljanović, Paul Coldwell, Sabina Tanović i Dario Kristić, Vladimir Miladinović, Ziyah Gafić
Curators: Paul Lowe and Elma Hašimbegović
MWRL 100mm intervention is research response to question how to reconciliate place and form. What can be an artist role in this constructive deconstruction of space transition and transformation? In this case it’s about very emblematic space of military barracks used in last 90’s war, before that by “Yugoslavian army”, and founded hundred years ago by “Austro-Hungaryan Empire”. So, at this place intervention is direct confrontation of space and society form of past function transformation. This work is opening a question how artistic interventions can reconciliate opposites into useful purpose of reality. Intervention is experiment that micro examples of this kind of methodology can be matrices for wider social transformation and reconciliations.On the contrary, the artist is a social subject whose actions are critical in reality, and as such, he or she assumes responsibility for it, which means his or her direct participation in the(therapeutic and healing) processes of its decontamination and (re)construction.
Art and Reconciliation is an innovative and collaborative inter-disciplinary research project involving King’s College London, the London School of Economics and the University of the Arts in London. [Project Team] and non-academic collaborators in its design, production and delivery, commissioning artists in a variety of media to create and develop practices and artefacts.
(Art & Reconciliation: Conflict, Culture and Community project)